Bryan Helmig

Co-founder of Zapier, speaker, musician and builder of things.

Well, I just put together a little mini web-app with AJAX jQuery goodiness called Was That Guy In…?. The basic is concept is this:

Sometimes I am watching a movie and I notice an actor or actress that I think was in some other movie I had previously seen. Unfortunately, I rarely know thier name and I don’t feel like searching IMDB for the character name to find out. I want to know if he/she was and who they played.

So, I made this app. You just put in the name of two movies and it will tell you who was in both of them. It does a pretty good job going deep in the cast, but isn’t perfect. Sometimes Car Driver #1 (uncredited) is that guy you thought you saw. In that way, it can be pretty powerful.

Also, it has been brought to my that IMDB has already done this common search thing before me. That’s fine. Mine’s prettier and has AJAX and is much more specialized in finding actors. Their’s kind of sucks, no offense.

Posted March 4, 2009 @ 12:43 pm under Interesting.