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A sample email. Simple easy.

A sample email. Simple easy.

Finally, after months of tweaking and building, I’ve launched, a super charged automatic Google rank checker. It’s a dandy little SEO tool that doesn’t do a whole heck of a lot, but what it does, it does well. At the moment, it (1) tracks rankings in Google, (2) watches your important links and (3) keeps track of backlinks (and lets you know when it finds a new one!). Oh, and it emails you an update every morning! That last feature was key for me.

So, what’s it do?

Well, it does just what I mentioned before! Tracks keyword rankings in Google (hundreds of them!), hyperlinks between sites (we watch out for pesky no-follows), and backlinks (from Yahoo’s Site Explorer). But my favorite feature is by far and away daily emails.

Daily Emails!

How I love rolling out of bed in the morning (or lately is been afternoon…) and checking all my ranks from my iPhone’s email app. Anywhere you want, its easy access to a simple method that keeps you in the loop. I tend to forget to look at my other keywords, but Rankiac never forgets. Its handy.


I also love charts. Rankiac has ’em. See how each of your keywords is doing over time and plan accordingly. Link building making your domains slowly increase in rankings? Double check with one click. Oh, also, you can download all the data in CSV format as well, in case you wanna play with the data yourself.

If you’re interested, here’s a coupon: zr6voq1y. Just sign up and enter it in your profile!

It’s good for the first 25 users and gives you 91 days free (in addition to the 14 day free trial!). After that, I think it runs about 11 cents a day, or less that 3 and a half bucks a month when you buy a year!

So what are you waiting for, go sign up at Rankiac!

PS: I’ve also built two little baby sites for those who want a simple Google rank checker or fast reciprocal link checker on the fly!

Posted December 17, 2009 @ 3:55 am under Work.